Practicing Your Languages With

I am a member on various social networking sites. I use them to keep in touch with old and newer friends, but also to attend various events. About two months ago I discovered Internations. Internations is a social networking platform mainly for expats, or people living abroad. Internations is a free of charge platform, operating world wide, with the option of extended services for a fee. I have attended my first event in July, planning to attend again the upcoming event in two weeks.

I was very positively surprised about the German Frankfurt community, and I can imagine the positive vibe is present at other events around the world. Mostly, English is spoken, but I realized later on that it is a great opportunity actually to practice foreign languages. At the past event, I met people from Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, and the Phillippines. The vibe is definitely very good, the people relaxed.

I am looking forward for my next event with them.

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