To many people, traveling can become close to an obsession. Passion for traveling usually goes far beyond seeing different places and just meeting people, it is the experience that each moment is lived differently in different parts of the world. The air in Thailand is just different from that in Germany, so is a party in Malaysian compared to a party back home.

Myself, I love to travel. I do not yet have the priviledge to truly call it a passion, due to timely restrictions and my full-time job. But I admire those individuals, who have the freedom to grasp their bags in a bliss of spontaneity and set off. And I love to share stories. As such, I meet up on a regular basis within the German Couchsurfing community.

Just like I express my love for languages at www.LanguageTrav.com, I want to share with you my travel experiences. This can include a short city guide, it can describe a hotel, restaurant, or other location I have been at, or the people I met during a stroll along the river in my home town, just to name an example. The LanguageTrav Blog is about people, places, and discoveries worth writing about.

If you are eager to share an experience, something special, or noteworthy, with us, then don’t hesitate to send us your experience. For contacting us, please go to Express Yourself.

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